Saturday, 24 September 2011

'Street Style' Blog

Hanging out with the girls in the summer has really reminded me how much I love and miss having a Nikon camera in my hand and documenting someone else. I really want to start taking style blog images for my blog as I feel its more interesting..especially since I've started university at a "creative arts" uni in England.. Everyone expresses their sense of style in so many different ways; and its not the same when you tell someone about how "amazing" someone looked; a visual photograph has so much more impact. And I've already met so many wonderful people around uni (lots of closet envy!) People make the effort to dress up everyday, form head to toe, make up and all, I love it! So my task this month is to rent out a camera every week and start a mini project just documenting any looks that catch my eye and post them as soon as I can...sounds do-able. Can't wait to start!     

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  1. I wish I had a Nikon as well...saving up my money :)