Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Went to Nottingham for a week! After "strange death" stories and milkshakes, I was introduce to the best shop ever called Cow. It sells vintage clothing from 50p upwards. The main area sells menswear and women's wear, ranging from dungarees to denim jackets, HOWEVER! I fell inlove with the second half of the store,  where items start from 50p, LEVI'S for a pound?! I'll stop rambling on,you guys should just check it out yourselves. (trust me its worth it!!!!!) I will soon upload pics with my new buys! Cow is in Nottingham city center and in Birmingham; there are two stores there!


  1. Love your little photo posts. That shop in Nottingham sounds AMAZING! x


  2. I don't usually comment. But I stalk the hell out of your blog! I love it to death! You're gorgeous with brillant style!

  3. You're so cute and have an amazing sense of style! I'll follow you!